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The little extra that will make you want to come to us: the personalized and extraordinary activities! Here is a list of themed stays that we can offer you:


Accompanied by a passionate nature guide: nature or themed discovery walk (deer slab, forestry, peat bogs, visit to a Life or Natura 2000 project, ornithology, etc.). Possibility of ending the walk with a mulled wine or a meal in the forest

Massage du cou d'acupression

Enjoy a relaxing weekend with access to a well-being centre: balneotherapy, sauna, etc. Possibility of dietary meals


Picking of wild mushrooms in the company of a mycologist, mushroom tasting, presentation by a passionate specialist on the life of the deer and the slab, film on the deer and accompanied night outing listening to the slab

Tasse de fabrication de potier femelle

For a group of 6 people

  Theme week to do your favorite course (Monday to Friday). Ex: watercolor or painting course, photo course, wood carving course, modeling course, music course,...

Petit avion

Activity accompanied or not.

All year in private pond.

Possibility of fishing in the river if you have the equipment and permit.

Ride in 3 to 6-seater carriages pulled by draft horses.

Airplane or glider ride at the St-Hubert aerodrome thanks to one of our pilot friends.

To book a themed stay, please email us 

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